Wow God!

Expect God to “Wow” you. That is right. He is more spectacular than we can imagine and more generous than anyone we have ever known.
The Israelites were instructed, “Stand still and see the salvation of God.” My way of saying it today, “Stand still and watch God ‘wow’ you.”
God parting a sea and folks walking through on dry ground? WOW!
A steal axe head floating in a rushing river? WOW!
Speaking the universe into existence? WOW!
Tax money in the mouth of a fish? WOW!
Rising from the dead on the third day? WOW!
As a congregation, we are studying how God enables His children to flourish. According to Psalm 92 the wicked flourish like grass, but the righteous like Palm trees. Are you a lawn or are you towering palm? The Psalmist’s idea is that lawns flourish for a little while but the righteous flourish forever.
“Wow” us Lord. We stand in awe of you.

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