The Y.E.S. Journey – Up and Over (Gray’s Matrix)

Examination and evaluation of my inner person enables me to wisely select my spiritual growth and development plan.

Wisdom may be the key concept of the entire Old Testament and is essential for my life today.  Proverbs 3:13-18

Upon consideration of the Gray’s Matrix, my prayer is, “Lord, help me wisely move up and over!”

The horizontal axis depicts one’s openness to the Gospel and Christian teaching. It may be helpful to identify the openness numbers as follows:

+3        Fully open to the Gospel

+2        Mostly open to the Gospel

+1        Partially open to the Gospel

-1         Partially closed to the Gospel

-2         Mostly Closed to the Gospel

-3         Fully Closed to the Gospel

The vertical scale depicts one’s awareness and knowledge of the Gospel.  It may be helpful to identify one’s awareness and knowledge numbers as follows:

+6        Continuing in growth

+5        Aware of responsibilities

+4        Knowledge of God’s kingdom

+3        Knowledge of adoption

+2        Experience of God’s love

+1        Initial knowledge of Father God


-01       Aware of the costs of commitment to the Gospel

-02       Grasps implications of the Gospel

-03       Aware of personal need of the Gospel

-04       Aware of the basics of the Gospel

-05       Interested in Jesus

-06       Aware of Jesus

-07       Wonders if God can be known

-08       Vague awareness and belief in God

-09       God framework

-10       No God framework

The primary dance partners for moving up and over are the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Christians, and me.

Notice the Holy Spirit moving us up and over in John 16:8.

God communicating through the Bible moves us up and over.  2 Timothy 3:15-16

Christians help move us up and over.  Hebrews 10:23-25

I am in the up and over dance, in part because, the ministry of the Spirit, Bible, and Christians is translated into meaning by me.  2 Peter 1:3-9

Today, are you willing to examine and evaluate your Y.E.S. Journey progress and pray Acts 16:14? “The Lord opened her heart…”

By faith I’m moving up and over!