Yoga and Jelly Fish

From time to time I warn people of the dangers of yoga.  The HUGE resistance to these warnings surprises some, but I am convinced is part of the demonic spirit attached to the practice.

In 1978 I lived in Calcutta, India for three months. I had never seen, first hand, Hinduism, it’s practices, and the power of darkness it produces. Needless to say, I departed India with a commitment to give warning to all who might become interested and attracted to the world view.

Over the years I have, from time to time, pursued a deeper knowledge of hinduism and it’s yoga evangelistic arm, so that I can give warning for those whose knowledge of yoga is at a deeper level.

Pamela Frost presents an excellent primer and is well worth the time and thought necessary for entry level understanding.

One day, while swimming, playing, and floating in the ocean, I saw the most beautiful little jelly fish floating a few inches from me.  The darling little creature wasn’t more than six inches in diameter and the sunlight it refracted and reflected shone with many gorgeous hues.

Just then the lifeguards shouted over their beach tower mega phones, “Everyone out of the water, dangerous and life threatening box jellyfish have been spotted.”

Sitting on the beach a couple of seconds later, I thought, “That cute little creature is a killer.”