You are generous!

One of MCA’s core values is generosity.  We love to give and give and give.  With joy you open your hearts with kindness and liberality.

Yesterday, I put out a call for 21 leatherman type tools to give to our pastors in Burkina Faso.  The response has been phenomenal.

We have received far in excess of $12,000 in medical supplies to deliver to our doctors and clinics in Burkina Faso.

Matt and Russian Encouragement Ministries donated cases of children’s cups, baby bottles, baby toys, work gloves, and several other things for the ministry in Burkina.

Sher has found donors to provide supplies to bless the pastor’s wives.  We are taking things like shampoo, hand moisturizing treatments, make up, finger nail polish, and other blessings.

Praise God!

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