You are one awesome buffalo :0)

In seeking the Lord for further insight into things our church family should be and/or do, I felt led to greatly increase the role our adults take in the spiritual protection and instruction of our weakest or youngest family members.

We must not abandon the family aspects of our Christian life. For some, family is an outdated term. Christians have dropped addressing one another as brother and sister. Churches are places you go to please yourself and find what you want. People select their church much like they would chose a restaurant. “Honey, what type of meal are you hungry for today?”

Our fellowship must prioritize family of God theology, the abiding family relationships given by God in His church family, and the reality that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus is truly our Older Brother and God is our Father by the Spirit of adoption.

In the spirit of being mature brothers and sisters, I showed a You Tube clip of adult male Cape Buffalo defending one of their young. In a strange way I felt God giving us a picture of a part of His assignment for us as a church family. Meditate on what this may mean in your life and ministry.

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