Your Account Counts: Your Version of God’s Counter Story

MCA is totally fired up about the work of the Holy Spirit that is bringing blessing out of difficulty, benefit out of challenge, and purpose out of aimless living. God works often against and in spite of the dominant story line of the world’s culture.

We are collecting your counter stories for two reasons. 1. We believe it is good for you to write, memorize, and then share your story with many people every week. 2. We believe that other people can share your story and see many people come to faith as they hear of God’s abundant work in you.

You may read our published counter stories here. Notice the amazing transformation God has made in each author. When The Author writes the narrative of your life then you have a story to tell to the nations!

Please write your counter story in 100 words or less. Email your story to one of the MCA ministry team leaders. We will not publish your name, but will get your experience with God’s grace online ASAP.

The URL for our story blog is

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